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Building: 8,000 m2

Service Rooms: 33.90 m2

Parking Spaces: 2,527.30 m2

Courtyard Maneuvers: 4,801.40 m2

Circulation Area: 598.40 m2

Green Area: 2,917.85 m2

Total Area: 18,856.75 m2



Warehouses in the Vacamonte Logistics Park are designed under international standards. The spaces are highly flexible and are divided according to the needs of your company. There is also the possibility of creating built to suit facilities for different types of businesses including:


  • Logistic services

  • Storage and distribution

  • Light manufacturing

  • Load movement

  • Assembly


Building Area: 8,000 m2 (86,112.28 sqf)

  • Maximum number of premises: 8

  • Module area: 1,000 m2 (10,763.9 sqf)

  • Parking spaces: 88

  • Height clearance 8 m

  • Modules with commercial access, loading platform with levelers and ramps

  • Ventilation system with negative pressure to provide two changes per hour

  • Natural lighting with 6% translucent sheets on the roof cover

  • Area for offices with all services

  • Support capacity of 5 Tn / m2

  • Interior lighting with fluorescent luminaires

  • Outdoor lighting with LED luminaires

  • Fire System with sprinklers

  • Fire alarm system and smoke detection

  • Green areas with landscaping and automated irrigation system

  • Concrete floor slab with reinforcing steel of planarity FF 30 and leveling FL 20


Vacamonte Logistics Park, is an industrial complex that offers a segregated area ideal for the development of an integral concept of logistic, commercial and industrial activities in an approximate area of 84 hectares, which will be divided into 34 lots.


  • US standards

  • Underground electricity

  • Extensive green areas

  • Water reserve system

  • Water treatment plant

  • Fire system with sprinklers

  • Security checkpoint, pedestrian control and surveillance 24 hours a day.

  • Perimeter fence

  • Redundant electric power